Welcome to the nursery Nældebakken

Nældebakken Nursery, located in north Odense on the island of Fyn, began producing pot plants in 1960.
The nursery’s production area has steadily grown in size since that time and now encompasses an area of 45,000 m2.

During the high season, Nældebakken employs around 100 staff.

At Nældebakken Nursery, we aim to be among the largest producers in the individual product areas within which we work.
Our product range and the individual products are under constant evaluation and we have made quite a few changes over the years. The nursery has always produced plants which are very demanding in terms of knowledge and perfection in order to stand out from the crowd and offer our customers something unique and exciting.
In the light of the tremendous effort we have always put into refining plants, our owner Jan Knudsen formed a company in 1986 by the name of Dalina Genetics, in order to undertake this work going forward.

We are MPS GAP Certificated on flowers and GLOBALG.A.P. certificated on Kitchen Minis Vegetables No. 4056186363886.

We welcome you to meet us at the Flower Trials 13-16 June

MNP flowers
Weteringweg 3a
2155 MV Leimuiderbrug
The Netherlands

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