Kitchen Minis®

Kitchen Minis® is a novel concept for enjoying fresh pot vegetables indoor in the home. The plants are produced in small 10.5cm pots making them perfect for the windowsill.

The Kitchen Minis® tomato can be grown all year round and will give a consistent yield of high quality fruit. The sweet seedless pepper needs more light and will give fruits in April-October, but in the winter period it is a nice green plant.

Kitchen Minis® is produced without chemical pesticides and can be used as a healthy snack or in the salad bowl. The concept was developed in order to bring to the consumer a healthy, sweet and fresh snack product as well as a nice decorative plant.

The tomato plant, when in the Kitchen, will slowly grow a little taller and wider but not much. It will continue setting new flowers and fruits and is delivered with 20-30 fruits of 5-15 grams. With good care the plant is able to produce more than 150 fruits.

The sweet seedless pepper also stays compact and is delivered with 4-5 fruits of 15-25 grams, and can give more than 50 fruits with good care.

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